July 26th, 2006

kid me

php and someone named kit

I started to learn php to write a raid sign up page (MMORPG thing).

After I got back from taiko, I had a message to phone crs, who steve had asked to find a female durmmer, and while I'm not good, I do own a drum kit. They wanted to introduce me to this guitarist who wanted to start an casual all girl band. So I decided to walk to desiel and meet her because it was such a lovely night. For kicks I threw my bass on my back and took my can amp.

Usually I'm not in for the all girl thing, but I'll make an exception for this amazingly cool person. I hope she starts a band up and includes me. She also had this guitar which she was practicing by listening though a stethoscope and a really cool, mini effects box.

Toys! I need an income.