August 8th, 2006

nicki window


I'm starting to loose might fight against the norm. I shaved my legs for a party, and I'm thinking of doing it regularly now. It kind of annoys me.

I had good reasons for not shaving my legs, above and beyond just being lazy. It was a double standard. People don't mind men not shaving, but with women, it's almost like you haven't showered that day. From what I've been told, it's also one of the many attempts to make women look like pre-pubecent children, always ready for sex. Young but child-bearing. It's a social norm that people just take for granted, to the point that the media can't even respect a women for making the desion to not do it.

I still haven't shaved my legs since the party. I don't know what I'll actualyl end up doing, but I figured it was worth a babble.

[taiko] IEEEE!

Just came from practice. Our ending peice is going to be HUGE, with all ~20 of class A dancing in the aisles with banners and wow! Reimei, the preice that class B is playing all by itself is still a dice roll as to weather we do it completely cleanly or just have a big rocky road. We get one more run through tomorrow, hopefully it will be enough.

Anyway, just a reminder to come to the concert Thursday. It should be fun!

Oh and if someone could get some pictures of me with good kata, that would be cool.