March 27th, 2007



I don't post much anymore. That's because my life is pretty dull and maybe that's a good thing, since when I try to change, it usually doesn't go well. I've been withdrawing from a lot of things. I know it's easier to be safe, but I think that's what I need right now.

There are good things. I like my $250 cello, though I'm too nervous to ask someone who knows if it's any good, even if the smell of wood glue has faded.

I bought a DS today and puzzle quest, so I had a bit of fun splurging.

Anyway, I'd love to keep more in touch, but I'd also like to keep my journal on the happier side.

Maybe I need a theme, like "obscure animal of the day" or other amusements.


Ok, I freely admit I likely won't do a thing-a-week, but maybe if I pretend I will, y'all can say "hey! I haven't seen a thing-a-week for 3 months! What's the deal?" and if I produce anything, then win.

Feel free to suggest stuf. The thing is that I have to create something: music, art, a silly hat. Just something that isn't cosuming popular culture.

Anywhere, here is Collapse )