April 9th, 2007

casio sb

Oookaaay... computer

We took the moster laptop to get fixed. We parked on a residential street, walked past the graffiti in to an appretment building and handed it over to a guy behind a door with a hand laminated sign.

Ok, ok, we're not that nieve. We looked them up in the BBB before we went and they had a better rep than techfusion (though that's not saying much.) He was also very professional, had the right blanace of information with costomer service. They also have all their fees listed on their web site. He also seems educated enough to be running the business.

I'll give people updates as I get more information.

quit it! That's annoying!

Firefox has this annoying thing on my machine. If you click into a text field and don't wait, the first few characters will be eaten by the browser and not the text field. In the most innocent of times, this means that I just have ords ith o irst etter. But when I'm pressing back space, it does to my page history which is REALLY ANNOYING. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening or even why?