July 16th, 2007

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So the power button on my mp3 player (the rio karma) has been failing. It's also shown some HD errors in the past, so I've known that I'd have to replace it for a while. So with the recent power button problems, I went out to buy it's replacement, on the theory I could leave it sealed in it's box if the karma lasted longer than I guess. When I got in the car, I turned to my Karma and said "ok, you can fail now, if you want." I couldn't get it to turn on. I almost cried for it, like it was a living thing. It had been the best mp3 player for me. There was little about it that annoyed me. The buttons felt good, the UI was intuitive, featureful and flexible and, until recently, it was reliable. And it was far cheaper than the ipod when I bought it. It was proof that ipod had killed a good competitor through superior advertising.

Apparently I bought it in December of 2004. Apparenrly I bought it, and left it to sit on my floor, sealed in its box as it's replacement is doing now.

I took having the replacement as courage to open it up. Turns out internally the power button is fine, it's just the stupid piece of plastic over it that wasn't lining up, so I removed that and now, if I have something to poke with, it works fine, however, while going in to do that, I broke another button. Apparently, according to the karma forms, this button breaks often when opening the karma and the right "fix" is krazy glue.

The question on my mind is, do I try to tape the poor old karma back up, or move on to its replacement (creative Zen:M 30g)?

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