May 15th, 2008

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Digital SLR wisdom?

Nikon has decided that they're current generation of digital SLRs will stop having support for auto focus in their old lenses, except in the higher end (and therefor out of my budget.) So I've been looking at the last generation on ebay, which is both more affordable and still has support for my two old nikor film camera lens auto focus (this is why I'm looking at nikon, so I can reuse my nice, '92 telephoto lens.) The problem is they made a firmwear change that makes a noticable difference in picture quality.

So I pose this question to digital SLR users (and to anyone who wants to take a guess at it): How often do little compression artifacts bug you in your pictures or do you never notice? Or do you just have enough enough camera that you can't notice?

If you want to see what I'm talking about, this page has a comparison between the d40 (the current generation) and the d50 (previous generation.) You can see the problem the worst in the vermouth label.

I'm just wondering if it will bug me enough that I will feel I've made a bad purchase.
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couch saga... loveseat saga

Greg and I went to ikea (holy crap that complex is huge! You are now arriving at terminal ikea.) Sadly the most comfy couch wasn't the most ideal size, but we bought it, since our choices where much smaller than I'd expected when I sold the couch. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay (partly because we bought matching pillows to make it a bit more comfy, which may or may have not been a mistake.) The verdict is still out on if this is an improvement for gregs back. It definately gives us more space to the room, though we're going to have to think about how to put in an end table with out completly negatting the space (maybe a nice multifunctional end table/storage.)

Ikea has this sort of cool, sort of painful view on uppolstry. basically it's nice an snug, but attached with super powered velcro. I spend a lot longer assembling the couch trying to get the velcro all in the right place without catching the under fabric in it.

Hopefully I will grow to love it.

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car love

The couch (actually it's a love seat, by ikea's standards) box fit perfectly in the body of the mazda... like the mazda had been made just for that. I could even still see out of the back window. Tomorrow I also have a taiko school show, and so I got the opertunity to stuff my car full of drums!

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