July 7th, 2008

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greg and I decided this long weekend to try Lord of the Rings Online's free trial. It's kind of fun, but sadly it crashes on greg's machine often enough we can't even enjoy the trail. It's got me thinking about why I liked WoW (which I started playing again this week, now that June's over.) LotRO has a lot of the features of WoW, but lacks a lot of the polish, but I think the real reason I played WoW after beta, other than my friends, was because of the silliness. I still remember in beta how I spent all the money I had (a whole 74 silver) for a mechanical squirrel as the infernals destroyed iron forge. My hunter, Gihr, was rolled solely to be a maker of mechanical squirrels.

Now I say this because I find I often don't read the quest text, so I don't get emersed in the story. It's a really horrible habit of mine, but it's a game, so I'm allowed to play it however I want.

Now I'm not saying that LotRO doesn't have a sense of wimsy. I've already got a feathered had that proves that they're not to serious, but WoW isn't afraid to be completely silly.

(Someone came up to Gihr, who was small because he'd used the world enlarger. The person said. "what's happened to you?" Girh linked the item and said, "Nothing's happened to me. It's happened to YOU!"
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bring fashion back

I sometimes (very rarely) play facing my back to the audience in taiko.

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So it would be nice to have something that makes my back cooler to look at. (many people do this when playing Odaiko. So I was looking around the web. Collapse )
(I'd be wearing pants over all of these.)

So here's the question:

Poll #1219208 bring fashion back

What back should I get?

Wait until August to see what the "similar" ones look like.
Don't get anything over the web. You can't try it on.
None of the above (leave comment)
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play as monster

Greg's playing the rest of his LotRO trial on the brick. We got to level 10 and tried the "play as monster" thing which is pretty fun. I've always thought you should be able to be be on the other side of things.
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things about exercise

I need exercise. My knees, however hate me.

I might try to buy a cheap treadmill of craigslist. I emailed someone selling on for $20, but not reply yet.

I did 6 songs of DDR today, which is better than nothing. I'm at least got my motablism up. too bad my knees say no more. It would be great if I could either loose enough weight or strengthen my knee protecting muscles enough to play full sets again. I'm really sad I let DDR leave my life.

I'm going to try to eat better this month with out going all calorie psycho. I might have to go all counting.