August 25th, 2008

crushed cats

a new kitten

I wasn't going to post about this, because I wanted it to be an lj-surprise if I got one, but I have so many misgivings, I wanted to open up my knowledge base a bit more. We've been thinking of getting a third cat, a kitten, specifically this one:

I've been talking to people, and introducing a third cat is very difficult and one person I talked to just flat out said that she'd never seen it go well. The other said they it and kind of go ok. So I'd appricate any horror or sucess stories you have. We have the space and the time to do the introduction right, but the new kitten really likes other cats, and I worry the weeks she'll have to be alone will be hard on her. I also worry that Iz and Nate will be the worse for wear. The foster mom is bringing the kitten for an test reaction on Wednesday (we'll be keeping the kitten crated.)

I've post a poll, but I'd also love to hear stories or words of wisdom. I'm at the point of just thinking I should email her and all it all off. :/

Oh, the kitten is in good health, has never been outside, I've met her and she seems like a good kitten (it's always hard to tell their personalitys that young.) She's polydactyl. I met her mom, and her mom was sweet and affectionate. So my concerns are only about introducing a new cat.

Poll #1247980 3 cats?

What do you think of me getting a 3rd cat?

2 cats is enough
it would be unfair to the kitten and/or Izzy and Nate to put them through the stress
it's unlikely to turn out well
go for it