January 20th, 2009

cello white

instrument lust... it never ends

I've suddenly decided I want a koto harp. Normally they're ~$1200 which is more than I can afford, but there is someone selling one for $400, which is also more than I should afford, but he said the price is negotiable... we'll see just how negotiable. (Translation, I'm offering way too little. He's likely to refuse, unless really desperate.)



to serve, to lead

I listened to the speach in the car and it made me cry. Not because of what it said, because he has a hard road ahead to do even 1/100 of what he hopes to do, but because he's a leader. He's not just filling the office. He's going to comfort, inspire and lead and he seems to have enough understanding of grey to do a good job of it. Since our economy is currently based on hope and trust, this is critical.

Even Bush looked happy getting on to the helicopter.