July 11th, 2012

chun li kick


I bought a treadmill a while ago in hopes that I could game and walk at the same time. I quickly found that the body movement made pressing keys difficult and playing games was just not fun. We kept the treadmill because I would often just want a sprint to get circulation and the kinks out of my legs, especially during winter. But it was loud. I also bought a TV to try to watch while using it in the new house, but again the fact it was so loud made watching TV annoying.

Recently G started to want to get more cardio into his routine, so he started using the treadmill and ran into the same issue, that he'd like to watch things on his latop, but the machine was so very loud.

We had, in the old house, one of those super compact, super cheap elliptical machines and hated it. It was loud and uncomfortable. So I don't quite remember how I started to look at elliptical machines, but we discovered that they're super quiet, so I started to look into the further. Other than being huge, which is less of a problem in the new house, they seemed to be better in every way, so I started researching earnest. I tried craigslist, but had the issue that most assembled ones won't fit in my car. (that and scheduling a time to see on just wasn't happening.)

We went to Dick's in Danvers which happened to have display models of our top contenders. The place is HUGE! two stories and just immense. I'm not sure their selection was all that huge, but store was kind of awe inspiring. We tried them all out, even the more expensive ones and the one I'd picked by feel and reviews turned out to be our favourite. I bought some glittery black and purple sports wrap out of guilt that we'd come to try their devices but was going to internet order when we got home (amazon was having 20% off all sports stuff if you used amazon visa, or the price at Dick's would have been about the same as amazon.)

So we have ordered a Livestrong 10.0e and I'm super excited. I hope this excitement turns in to a new regular habit of watching TV while exercising! Wish me luck.

Oh, and now I'll have to get rid of my old treadmill.