Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Couldn't you do that a little later in the morning?

The squirrels or what ever was living in our walls last year are back. This time they seem very fond of making noise inside the cieling of our bedroom. They seems to have a much bigger space this year. We're faced again with paying $500+ to call some guy in the trap them, but they might only delay the problem until new ones move in. The current winning plan in waiting until late spring when they seem to mostly move out and then getting the rot and siding redone, which sort of needs to be done anyway. If we can swing the money, maybe we'll get our house isulated at the same time.

Until then, or at least until they settle down a bit. I'm going to be tired form being woken up. I guess this will force me to day shift and if I get realyl tired I can sleep down stairs, but it's annoying and there doesn't feel like a good solution right now.

It does cause hair brained schemes to be cooked up in my head.

And no, those plug in untrasound pest things do nothing for squirrel or mouse.

On another note, thank you lj for letting me grep my life.

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