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I've played so many board games this past weekend. My weekend started empty and then suddenly was filled with last minute games.


  • Spree
  • Bonanza

Saturday afternoon:

  • Learned Mah jong. I've wanted a set for a long time, now I really want a set. The tiles are so thereputic to touch and play with
  • Learned the ice house game Volcano. Now I want an ice house set, however they are only selling indiviual colors at $7-8 each. Volcano requires 6. I'm not paying $42 for volcano. They sell a 4 color carboard set for $5, but that only gets me 4 colors and they have bases. I might make my own set until they start selling multi color sets again, or buy the cardboard set to give loony labs money and then make my own. I'll decide.

Saturday evening:

  • Carcassone Hunters and Gathers
  • Space Munchkin
  • Brawl (briefly)
  • Barbarosa. This is a great game, though it has some balance issues and some other problems which I think I can work out in a few more players. Much fun. Plus you get to stick arrows in things (ARROWED!) and what game could be bad where you get to stick arrows in things?

I had an amazing amount of fun. I enjoyed the wonderful company of all three game playing groups and I thank the Saturday groups for putting up with me being tired. I think I'm all board gamed out, however and will be skipping the games I've been invited to tomorrow (I appologise to that group, I would have loved to joined you too) but maybe I could get them to play barbarossa or 1KBWC but probably not.

EDIT: looney labs seems to encourage people making their own sets, so I will and then try to get people with money addicted. :)

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