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Computer sadness

I'm making this post from my laptop. This should be a happy thing, but it's not. Windows on this laptop is unhappy. The CDRW might be messed up (it makes CDs that make linux mount hang horribly, never mind what it does to windows.) Tomorrow I will go buy new CDRs in case my older than dirt CDRs don't play nice with this drive, but I'm betting it's the drive, which means I'm sending it back.

Beyond that, it's definately big enough to no longer be the "oh it's so small it's so cute" but I think the screen real estate is going to be worth it.

A new computer has never been a happy thing for me. There is always been one problem or another. My machine that had a hard drive randomizer and would only run X with the turbo button off. My laptop that came with a bad floppy drive. The computer that went through 3 disk drives, 2 net cards and 2 power supplies, complete with impresive puffs of light and smoke. The laptop that would only work if you knew where to squeeze it right. My last viao, which had a pcmcia CDrom and no floppy, which made installation of linux fun. And now this one.

Here's hoping it's just the media (which plays nice with dell CDRW)
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