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Sony's Costomer support SUCKS!

Ok, so the rive on my machine isn't bad, but there is a bit of memory,
so on tuesday a box will arrive, I pack it up, phone fed ex to pick it
up and maybe in two weeks I'll get a working one back. I should phone
them in 5 or so days after it leaves to see if they've actually
replaced anything.

Some of the wonderful things sony support told me were:

After I told them I noticed the problem compiling C.

"Sony laptop's aren't designed for such complex work. This reduces
your support option."

After telling them that my memory checker program found on bit of
memory bad:

"One bit of 512M memory is such a small percentage of your memory"

I then told him it was in the lower 15Mb, but I think he just didn't

I repeatedly asked them if they had a memory checker. They kept
saying when I asked "and then how will we find the problem after I
[blow away everything and put it back to the orginal install]"

"We'll run stuff. Programs and things." They said.

The guy said sony forces him to do all these things, that he wasn't
going to wait for us to "run stuff" and he would order the service
call anyway.

I just hope they will actually fix it. I hope I'm not getting
back into the whole neo thing. I should just return it before I get
in to deep. But... it was SO close to working.

EDIT: but that's another issue. It wasn't working. The wireless net may or may not be supported by linux. But we'll see if they fix it, give it another pass in a few days. I get 30 days to return it from The 5th. So... ok, this might be close. :(

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