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Annoyance: it can be done, therefor

So this weekend was full of two obsessive quests. One was to get and lj icon of the hyper-kenetic cactus from the DDR song Gamelan De Couple and the other was to update my DDR dancing gif. In both cases, I got to the point where what I was doing, the end result, wasn't worth the quest, but because I knew it I should be able to do it, I kept going. It could be done, therefor I should.

My eyes, hurt, my brain hurts and I still didn't get what I wanted. I learned that rotating an AVI is annoying, especially one where the original is at 20.1 frames/second.
I learned that getting an animated gif out of an avi is also annoying, and only mildly easier to do it with a series of programs than it is with hand doing screen grabs.

I learned that the cactus has a more complex movement that can be portrayed in the 40k limit placed on icons.

I learned that my old DDR dancing icon. was much cooler than I thought. (New one here.)

I still need to do more work on the cactus and I still need to chop of the first few frames of my ddr movie but at least it's rotated. So I didn't even get any of it done.

And now the evening is gone, consumed by these fool hearty quests. Fooey.

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