Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Japan: tokyo day 2

200401180730 (Sunday Morning)

I heard some people singing in the wee hours of the morning. They
were walking en masse somewhere. I wonder what that was about.


Got up and tried to go to the department store [rox building] several
times before it opened. Eventually we arrived and after it opened
(after a round of pop n', yay!)

I don't have a watch and I embarrassed myself by asking for the watch
department by just saying tokei (watch) and she though I was asking
for the time. Then trying to explain I wanted to buy one. Ach, I
really need to learn more Japanese before I can come back (and I do
want to.)

I found some slippers, though. I plan to use them in kyoto. (post
note: good thing too, since we were one pair short in Kyoto.)

We then went to Ginza and looked at all the high class shops there.

At one I bought some puzzle books. They had a magic eye periodical as
well, but it was 930 yen.

We then went to the top of a department store. The elevator
attendants were well rehearsed, operating the elevators like a dance. I
was interesting to watch. On top was garden supply and fish store
and a completely surreal children's area with creepy overly cheery
bell-like music and a child on a train ride that looks like they were
having no fun at all.

Before all this we had a yummy lunch where I had a beef bento box.

On the way back we passed the tokyo 0 mile stone.

We went to Sumo, where we met mike's ex-hitachi co-workers. I
thoroughly enjoyed Sumo for some strange reason, even though it was
mostly the ceremony and very few bouts. It cost 5000 yen (ouch)
though, so good to do once, but then watch it on TV. The auditorium
was huge and the Emperor was there. (post note: which we later found
out was very special.)

We then went to dinner with Mike's co workers at this place that
supposedly some of the sumo wrestlers eat at. It's where you go to
eat like a sumo wrestler. There was a lot of talking through mike, a
few of them had ok English. Somewhere half way through I lost me
ability to deal. Maybe after the explanation of what I thought of
Japan, which was mostly me worrying about being impolite and not
knowing the language. I also failed to serve the udon with
chopsticks, much to my own annoyance. I wonder if I was rude to keep

We left then and we went for dessert and I was completely gone
emotionally at that point. I'm sorry to all those with me. I decided
I wanted to play therapudic pop n' when we got back.

I did and I also played the new guilty gear with 4 on 4 action
(whee!!). I t was great. You have a turn around button and the
ability to be in the fore or back ground. Complete confusion until you
get the hang of it. This random guy came to play with Garry, Mike and
me and I won completely surprising myself. I also decided to play
pachinko once (I do not see the appeal of this) and try a UFO catcher,
even though it's just a crane game, which I've done before. (I tried
to get a flying sheep, and failed, not surprisingly.)

There was also this horse racking game with little mechanical horses
on this big track.

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