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Japan: Tokyo day 3, trip to kyoto


Little sick this morning. Hope it doesn't get worse.


Sitting on the JR train (Shinkansen) waiting to go to Kyoto. (post note: to the right is not actually the train we took from tokyo to kyoto, but we did eventually take one of these trains. Our train had a more squat front.) The
curry bun this morning was quite yummy. Iv'e still been sleeping very
well on the futons.

I'm going to use the time on the train to write about yesterday, since I had to pack last night.

We wandered around the youth resion Shibuya. We looked for some
engrish shirts but in general few places, even American-ya, sells
T-shirts. (post note: I was told before we left that wearing a T-shirt
would make one seem very American since American's are stereotyped
never to dress up. I didn't realize just how much that would be
true.) We found a few examples, but nothing good enough to buy. The
neigherbood in general had a sifferent characters. As if there were
more era's in that neighborhood. (Buildings that looked 50s and 70s
and modern.) (post note: since much of tokyo was bombed in the war,
it might have been that parts of Shinbuya escaped the bombing.)

Before I left Asakusa I bought a 100 yen unmbrella, using the phrase
book to ask how much it was. Then not understanding the answering
since I was expecing one, rather than 100 since I was still thinking
in dollars. I found out later that I was in a 100 yen store, so I
flew half way across the world to ask how much something was in a
dollar store. Whee!

Back to Shinbuya. The HMV and tower record stores were huge and loud
(on the outside.)

We found an arcade that finally had DDR. I played two games. I
sucked, but really only Garry and Sam were watching. It also had the
sword game that I really wanted to play. (It detects the sword
possition.) (It was as fun as I imagined.) The game allowed parries
which was a good touch. The sword game had you sign your name with
the sword acting like a calligraphy pen. I made a big inky mess before
I realized what was going on. They also had a "slap the guy in the
back of the head" game, which I did not try. Mike and I played taiko
no tatsujin in duet mode, which rocked. They also had something that
was essentially called Fish Monger Master 2 (yes, 2!) where there was
a knife and a electronic led picture of a fish with a place to cut.
You had a time limit to line up the knife and cut as many fish in the
right place as you could. If you did well enough you got a real bowl
of instant ramen.

Before that we hit another arcade that had a huge bingo thing with a
mini basked ball sized numbers and a video poker that had seats for
all the players and a very bored looking video dealer on a large projection screen waiting for
people to show up. If I had had more time it might have been
interesting to see just how reactive the electronic dealer was.

We passed by Wendy's and a subway. The subway instead of having cold
cuts in the sandwiches they had cutlets. They also had pita.

We went to Shinjuku and the lighters were overwhelming. Buildings
plastered with signs.

I bought a pocket watch to have a time piece. It's one of those cool
"see all the gears" watch. We had Korean BBQ (my first time doing
this.) Yummy!

The building where we ate had a decorative burnt post, that mike
guessed was possibly part of the originally building before it was fire

Oh, before, back in Shinbuya we visited a cool anime store that had
cosplay costumes for sale and was full of manga. Nothing I could both
afford and wanted, however. I also saw more capsule vending machines
in the top of the Naemco arcade than I've every seen anywhere else in

We finished the day at Mister Donut where I got a green tea shake.

We are now far enough out of the city that there is farmland. The
density of the homes is still the same though, when there aren't farms
or forests. Fuji is in the clouds, so no impressive pictures of that.
The ocean is pretty. mike panned this trip well, having Kyoto to
contrast Tokyo in the middle of our trip so we can see it before and
after. I'm really excited at the change of scenery.

Japanese grave years are not unsurprisingly rightly packed.


Arrived at the B&B. It is essentially this family's house and I'm
going to feel like I'm imposing the entire time. It's really nice
though, even a table and a porch in our "suite" which is the whole
upstairs to ourselves.

She brought us tea.
Welcome to Kyoto.
She met us carrying her child.
The mountain behind the B&B is gorgeous.
I got motion sick on the train.

Kyoto and Tokyo is like the difference between New York and Boston.
(post note: you'll see that I'll change this opinion.)

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