Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Japan: Kyoto days... um... I'm loosing track


It's bitterly cold today and I'm too sick to deal. I did manage to
see the shrine before declaring myself too sick. Lovely trees. I
wish it were summer. Definitely a good place to be in through with
the kami of nature. The other area of old Kyoto was a gorgeous example
of zen gardening. (post note: I'm too sick in this post to be a
thrilled as I should be. I LOVED this place. It was gorgeous and was
my favorite place on the whole trip. There are a lot of really nice pictures from this place. The one I picked shows the Zen garden well, but not my favorite aspects of it. (The racked sand wan't as cool as the pond and the water fall and the trees.) I would love if I could have a
garden that magically looked like that.

On the way out we stopped for food and I got a yummy mushroom rice
bowl. I decided I should go back to the room because I'm feeling
sick, which is where I am now. I hope they have fun in the castle.

Don't know what time

I seem to have food poisoning or stomach flu or alike. round.


Chanting, wood sticks and bells passed by as I lay here sick.


Well on my way to recovery, but not in time to join people for
Osaka. I'm still pretty weak, but should be better by evening.
Hopefully I'm not cursing myself for saying that.

Maybe then Lynda and I can go out somewhere.


It felt good to sleep most of the day. I am regretting not getting to
go to Osaka, but of well, shit happens.

I want Lynda to get back so I can get out of here and phone Mike that
I definitely want to do karaoke, thought likely here and not in Osaka.
I suppose I could try to make it there. I'd be there in about an hour
or so.

I've still only eaten a small piece of solid food.

(post note: the hosts were terribly nice and gave me a whole carton of
apple juice, which helped a lot.)


Made it to Osaka. I couldn't' get in touch with Mike at first, so I
bought some water with "Nihongo wa wakarimasen. Mizu?" (I don't
understand Japanese. Water?) Then ran out of change for the phone
again trying to contact him, so I went back to the person who sold me
the water, but a 50 yen coin on the counter and said "denwa."
(telephone) She immediately understood and game me change. I was very
appreciative. I got in touch with Mike, met them and we wandered off
to come karaoke bar. (Big Echo, a karaoke chain in Japan.) We all had
a great time. They had a little "sanitized for your protection" bag
over the microphone. I sang, among other things, cartoon heros and
Irrisitablement, which, giving my background, were too slow. I need
to make a list of Japanese songs I know the turn for. We then
wandered around bit so I could see all the closed shops, but get a
feel for the flavor of Osaka.

We arrived back in Kyoto too late for the busses and had to take a cab
home. I reflexively tried to close the auto-closing cab door.

I also bought a 256MB flash card.

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