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Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Japan: the last days of tokyo


We went out to Yokohama's China town and had high class dim sum. There was live music , yummy soups, shumai, a
steamed bun with pork and veggie that could not be beat and the best
mango pudding ever. They all had plum wine, which I got a teaste of
and it was also marvelous. We then wandered down a cheap plastic
things alley that had a talking robot dressed in a chinese shirt. We
then he
aded back to Askusa and I played the hoto game again and some
pop 'n.

Sleep time then.... Shopping!

(post note: yes, those are all ordinary dim sum foods, but it was the
difference between a McDonald's hamburger and steak. It was really
weird to be eating these familiar foods that I'd onlt had the cheap,
slouch version of. Also, the restruante was the place that had a
bunch of chefs challenge the iron chefs or something so that it was
sort of Iron Chef famous, but since I don't want Iron Chef and I was
too folish to get the name I can't say where it was.)


Well I was bad and just spent a tone of money trying to get something
nice for Bink and buying some J-Pop (mostly on the J-pop) This is
particularly bad since I'm spending 9000 yen tonight, but I'm fairly
sure my budget can handle it, but it's hard to know since I haven't
been keeping good track of money spend on food vs. hotel.

The guys are still asleep so I'll be bored for a little.


Got Pop n'. Couldn't find it used or any really good deals, I bought
it new. Went to Mos buger and saw the music district. Things seem to
be winding down a lot.


Yay! Tomorrow is going home day! Not that today wasn't great. we (Sam
Lynda and I) stared by heading out to the Science Museum. We had a
gorgeous view from the train including Pallette town's huge ferris
wheel and the rainbow bridge. The architecture is amazing. The TV
Fuji building and the science museum were very cool; both had
spherical proturions. In the science museum there was huge spherical
television (picture care of Lynda) that showed the earth or the moon
or other neat things. There was a laughable Internet model that was an
interesting kinetic sculptures, even if it wasn't a very accurate
model of IP routing.

It had these black and white balls that were different weights so you
could encode data with a stream of these balls. The "router" would
then weight the high order pits to see if the stream was destined for
a local machine (a scale per bit) then send it off iteratively in the
correct direction (to a local machine or off to the main "router") The
staff was cool since they started to explain in broken English how the
Internet worked and then went up a level when I explained I knew how
the Internet worked, I was trying to figure out how the demo was
working. They did the same thing when Sam and I were looking at the
title sensor in the coffee up controller. (Post note: they had this
virtual world set up where you could drive a car or a horse or alike
around and bump into the other players. One of the vehicles you could
"drive" was a coffee cup that would move in the direction you tipped

Just as we should have been leaving, there was going to be an Asimo
demo, so we stated a little later than we should have so I could see
him in person. It was so cool. We had to leave before I got to see
any new tricks.

We had to leave because we had a 4pm entry time for the Ghibli museum.
It was a little like a mini Disney world. They building was
architechully fanciful, the displays were intricate and
artful. Nothing was done simply. They had sculpture animations under
a strobe light, film loops, automatons (one of wish was a sub that had
frog legs, a fish tail and lobster veins) and almost life-sided model
of a flapping bicycle plane, stain glass depicting each movie, 20ft
tall metal sculptures, a giant stuffed cat bus for the kid's to play in
and a pit of susuwatari, concept sketches, complete story boards for
each movie, cells, background paintings (it's disturbing to see the
end of a world that seems limitless trail off into brush strokes),
books of inspirations, cloud studies, and mock ups of miyazaki's
studio. (no pictures were allowed)

We saw two shorts in Russian with Japanese subtitles (by some Russian
animator). Very nice, but some of the meaning was of course lost on

We went to the gift shop and they had a large susuwatari for 1500 yen.
Since I'd already spent too much this trip I picked it up to "think
about it" and found myself reflexively petting it while looking at the
other things. I decided it had to be mine now that I'd touched it so

We went to the cafe after the museum had closed and Lynda's coffee came
with a totoro on the surface of the foam. It was amazing.

We then went to Ginza for some "up scale" sushi. Yummy stuff. They
brought a sesame pudding for dessert that was really good as well.

One thing from th past day I forgot to mention is I saw a smoker's bar
on a non-smoking street (yes, the whole street) called "smoker's

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