Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

if i owned a restaurant, It would specialize in interesting, low calorie options and dietary restrictions. The menus would have two sections, the "I don't care what's in my food" listing and the "here are all the ingedients and nutrional information." There would also be many portion options.

if i owned a small store, it would be an arcade specialize in bemani and Japanese import arcade games. It might even just cater to parents who are looking for a non-volient arcade, but I think that I personally couldn't keep the fighting games out of my arcade.

if i wrote a book, it would like be a bubble gum-fantasy fiction. Though I think I would rather write a screen play for a pilot of a TV show, and that would be musicwiitch.

if i taught at a college, it would likely be a bad idea. I'm not a good teacher. But it would be basic comp sci.

if i recorded an album, I would hope it's Mazer, because that means we're back together on a regular basis. If not, I hope it be getting off my rear and doing a solo project with ballady rock music. If not, then maybe I'll go and fix the problems with trianglar cows.

Wow, I'm frightened that, except for the teaching at college, I've actually thoguht seriously about all these things and even made steps towards starting each of them, except the resturant.

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