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Waste the hours in an off hand way

I've been wasting my time. Wasting a LOT of my time. But it's been making me happy and relaxed and it makes me not snack.

I don't think there is anything wrong with this. It's making me happy, and despite the fact I look back and the day and there is nothing been done, I also look back at the day and realize I enjoyed it all.

I'm still finding time to take care of myself, eat, exercise, to take care of nicki, and to interact with greg. I'm still taking care of the trash and the things that need to be done, but nothing more.

I'm not going to do it forever, in fact I'll stop at the end of the summer and once it gets warm I'm going to make sure that I'm wasting my time in other summery ways as well.

I've been told it's wrong, that I'm wasting my potential, just doing nothing but playing games, but I think, for a few months, it will be ok. Society doesn't really want me right now, anyway.
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