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The first post

So I've given into the pier pressure and got myself a live journal.

I'm going to start with the new year. My less than attended party left me, oddly social scared. I didn't want to be around people and have kinda pulled back. I was pretty thankful that all my hobbies were still canceled due to the holidays. I've started to recover though, which is good since I was pretty unhappy.

MY this is being a much more boring post than I was hoping.

My art has been depressing me a lot. I've been running into a lot of professional artists and feeling like I'll never sell to anyone but my friends and I've feel that I've already exhausted their wallets. Feels like such a pipe dream.

It has helped my mood however to just list all my hobbies knowing that I'm competent in almost all of them. Maybe it will keep me going until my next bout of feeling like a poser.

Well that was quite unfocused.

Maybe the next post will have an event associate with it.

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