Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

me and the bad donkey monkey

I of my monkey, that dungarees which
lies with the jet-black Chevrolet where I was supercharged passenger seat
and as for my monkey him of the filter point which inhales the tobacco of the blade of the roller on (as for him liked the wind of that surface softly)
he the ' It was Son, Vegas? '
The possessing it has done; As for me ' No'
You said; As for him we' The ' where gonna of re goes; That' S - necessity pace'
Modification you said; And as for us him ' I El Segondo'
My bill tray remainder it hit to the strip where the chapel of neon sign and all weddings which were said has been attached;
And he' If d takes me and do we who were made in my monkey and taking magnificent 2 of boy mine of the bell which asks the track/truck advance at the hotel of the マンダレイ bay?
He to see with the passenger seat of my car, smile and the ' Your monkey' which can obtain If; The money of s thing type you said, and we' As for ve monkey bed! '
You obtained; He him why did the thing, those which he does my monkey don'
Dream and the gun I' which desire t;
Me who have m and as for my monkey me like
Butch and my monkey and he why did that gun anyone,
the child of Sundance which tries the fact that you understand we whom it points obtained the elevator, as for me when he becomes aware, him with bidet 寢 it is after the moving and 40 minutes which call the guard service which his finger is been by the yellow page the prostitute ' of the monkey 3;
That doke of okey which to my bedroom where Hi has been attached there the hamadryas baboon of the this largely bad donkey you walked with the knock door and comes is ordered small monkey you' which could look at the room with respect to with respect to all scene where we are no thing way before; D it hits against the 33rd floor which it possesses,!
My name is the sunlight, - as for these the baby of the race/lace silver make of the girl my palm my has been attached and Ohio state, they' The stone your world' of ll; It is the obtaining obtaining;
So, I to watch at pay program, to polish my shoes, as for my gun diggin' Was;
As for old Kurt Cobain with the knock door which is attached to the lithium over there and
the sunlight ' which you made walk;
What' You sing with s? Better You' D you of the boy is slow, good time!
' Your monkey' which has remainder; S is obtained here;
Me and as for my monkey seeking the sun,
he him why did the thing,
those which he does me anyone like ビリー
and he why did my monkey the child who tries the fact that you understand my monkey
Don' which is shot;
As for the ticket which the t point and looks at Sheena Easton which and drove me is obtained that us of the monkey with him before encores the remainder before dying very high meets to her who is earlier description hot ambition, couldn' which is he;
T the ventilation baby who is makes quiet Sheena sit down,
but as for my monkey our sicknesses 20 3
Couldn' Doing the blackjack which was continued to hit to the help of t exactly scrutinizing me in
this Mexican person becoming aware it went or or that it is my monkey it was, but? That' Never now in order to move s don'
Before t monkey and dungarees of rollerblades you' which is seen; It' like d; My perseverance ' which is not s; Cause we'
The boy of the bad donkey monkey approximately to test re, thing, the gun ' He' which stuffs the name of My; S Rodriguez' So being I couldn' It verifies t, as for him that eye ' which is pursued for a long time; I' The death amigos of ve, and now your monkey' Gonna die of s! ' With you say;
Me and, my monkey seeking the sun,
drives me,
the monkey is high,
you do not scrutinize you do not scrutinize you do not scrutinize
in order to declare once upon a time my monkey us don'
Murder Mexican human we of wanna of t did not obtain one thing in 10 these itchy fingers,
but me this very monkey and as something being mixed how you obtained, the Mexican standpoint from the boy separated with us I ain' in us ourselves finding here; As t puts the boy of your gun in approximately operation, you see,

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