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dim sum and pronounciation

If I ever agree to attend an early meal of any kind with you, remind me that if I get up early my stomach does NOT want food and I should likely schedule lunch instead.


Given the recent press about QRIO (kawaii!!), I've recenly found out that I pronounce AIBO differently than many people. Not being able to trivially find the right answer, I figured, poll time!

How do you pronounce AIBO?

AY-BOH (long a as in lake)
other (please comment)

The proper Japanese pronouciation would be closer to AIBO, but since they have a nasty tendiency to name things that cannont be pronounced in Japanese (for instance, ASIMO would be pronounced ashimo in japanese) I'm not sure what to think.

We should write down teh QRIO pronounciation while we still have the flash pronouncing it for us in both languages.

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