Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

I didn't because of trends, and I don't stop because of them either.

I've had my leather trench for 12 years and I wanted one for longer than that. I bought it in high school. I love how it billows, and every year I look for the seasons that are just the right temperature for it. However this season is being annoying. I am not in the Matrix and I am not copying Spike. It is no one person saying it, and I'm not annoyed at my friends that have mentioned the resemblence, but I would like to avoid as many further mentions, since the accumulation is getting tiresome and at this point I can't remember who I've explained that my coat was bought well before either reference.

Hm... now I sound more annoyed than I really am. I made an icon, but the problem is that coats are long and thin and make poor 100x100 images. So I'll not added it to the rotation and instead say, look! it's a little black blob that kind of resembles me and my coat:

Hm... this maybe one of those posts I shouldn't post while tired, sick and having had alcohol.

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