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So if greg and I sit on the couch with both our laptops plugged in and then touch eachother, the one that touches and moves will feel a (at best guess 60 hz) buzz (the other person, not so much.) The buzz stops if the touch is stationary. If either laptop is unplugged and running on battery this doesn't happen.

Now here's the weird bit

1) both our laptops appear to have plastic bottoms.
2) even when I'm wearing sweat pants, (and theoretically insulated) this happens.

It not unsurprisingly stops when both laptops are plugged into the same outlet.

So best guess is that the two outlets on the opposite side of the room are out of phase, but how are we getting the hum through the plastic case and layer of clothing? Are out laptops really giving off that much RF? and if so, why is it still AC when the power bricks are outputting DC?

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