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01 August 2004 @ 12:24 am
sulsbury beach  
Sulsbury beach is not the mecha I remembered it as, but I was still an amazing time. the water was WAY to cold for me to swim and I was a little overly cautious with the sun (definately the right side to err). The DDR machine was slippery from all the dust from the sand so I was failing stupid things, but I did aquire a crowd since the good players just don't go there. 8 panel technomotion is much more fun than I remember and darn, I want to own a copy of Ba Kkwo someday. The $11 scallops werne't quite as good as I remember, but still really good, the carnival atmosphere was tained by the looming skank. The bumper boats and other larger rides were beign turned into condos.
The moon was a lovely orange.

Still I had a wonderful time.

I hear Hampton is better. Maybe I'll go up there next time I actually get my self up there.