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writing group, manray

I almost quit my writing group, but then came up with a suggetion that I hope will respark my interest.

I took the new shoes to manray (and the key hole dress.) Turns out vinyl is over dressing for Wednesdays. The shoes hurt my feet, mostly from being heels. I think that if I had started with them being looser and hadn't played 27 songs of arcade DDR (which is very hard on my feet) I would have survived the night much better. I did get lots of dancing in and got my first ever goth dancing critque, which was positive. I've always wondered if I looked like a dork out on the dance floor. I also wore red tights with fishnets over them, but I need to buy new fishnets, since the pair I had were from when I was much larger and kept falling down.

A very good, but busy day.

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