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More bad techno

Yesterday, while walking to the T, the clouds were amazing. They were this wavy sheet of clouds, with the twilight sky poking through on the thin parts and the think parts being light up by the sunset like a bank of long flourecent tubes. Completely strait, completely paralle. It was amazing. Something along the lines of this conversation happened:

"I wonder what kind of clouds those are? Sirrus, cumulostratus, nimbus."


Immediately I realized this had to be a song on Triangular Cows, so when I got come I dusted off the old copy of MTV music generator and proceeded to make my first peice of pad techno in a very long time. So I present to you, Cumulofunky.

It has it problems, but so do all the other Cochlea tracks.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the middle part, is just the outside part speed up, so the song is a little recursive. I did have to do a little frobbing to make the transitions right, though.

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