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13 September 2004 @ 12:46 am
Today's titter  
After all my TV sucked this week, then a conversaion about how maybe it's because I've seen too much TV. Saying that maybe the Buffy episode The Wish wouldn't have been so cool if I hadn't seen a bunch of alternate reality episodes, and me saying that there have been alternate reality shows since the danw of TV, the earliest of which I could think of was Mirror, Mirror, then me looking for a picture of "evil spock" and seraching on "star trek mirror", I found this.

(Most of this weeks's TV was me saying, oh, it's the foo bar episode very early in the episode and then being right, the worst of which was me saying 'oh, it's the foo bar season with the mid-arc being this' which I'm pretty sure I'm right about. And some of it was just BAD.)