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Costume progress

Finally after a week and ahlf of work, waiting for things to dry and general futzing, my staff for the costume is done, except for one final coat of polyeuothane. I really didn't expect it to take this long, and it didn't come out quite as nice as I wanted, but it is definaely servicable and looks good enough for people who aren't me or other nitpicky costume makers (at least I think that's true.)

Size comparaison (this is for me as much as you guys, I've not seen if it's the right size yet.):

I hope that the rest of the costume doesn't go this slowly, but this is why I started so soon. I'm expecting the hat to take a few design attepts, because of the sheer size of the brim. Monday, I'll go buy fabric.

EDIT: I decied to get teh commerical necklace. Even thoguht eone I did came out lookign ok. I'm afraid it's oing to get destroyed before haloween plus it's too small.

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