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katamari damashii

This is actually a pretty sweet game so far. So silly. It's very me.

"B-U-T, first things first, does the Prince like vibration? Meaning the moving and the shaking. No, no, I hate it! Plain is best! I love going au naturel!"

"Anyway, lets go home. Royal rainbow!!"

Until your karamari is big enough you can only roll up people by hitting them first.

Little girl: "Oh, I feel the cosmos. Cancer came scuttling back. So yummy..." (fade into echo.)

This game is so me. it's great. I love rolling sparrows into my ball! yay! sparrows!!

EDIT: oo! I got my first person in the ball. I've made myself motion sick. I want the soundtrack, but it's $28! more than the game!! Nooooo!!

EDIT: I love how the people scream!! This game is so weird.
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