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Not salad

Yes it looks huge and over sized on my head, but then it looks huge an dover sized on her head too. I'm throughally convinced the modeler was having problem with paine spikey anime hair pokeing through the hat model, so they just upped the scaling so it wouldn't do that any more and liked it that way.

The flash makes it look too shiny. It's a little shiny, but not too shiny.

I haven't attached the tassles yet, because I'm waiting on the rings. But the tassles are done too.

Once again a bunch of small subtle things went wrong, which make me less than happy with the out come, but it wont' be anythign that any causual observer will care about. I'm a bit frustrated that I have to settle so much for this costume, because it would be really neat if it came out well.

Maybe if I get it all done early I can fix the thigns that are wrong with the hat.

And yes, there are some doors I just can't get through while wearing it.

EDIT: arg!! I did not realize how NOT wide enough the top is. Grrr... I can't do it again right now, so it will have to be good enough until I get the rest of the costume done.

I would have never had guess that the dizzy costume would be easier than this one.

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