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02 October 2004 @ 08:46 am
Were they right?! (the next chapter in the laptop saga)  
So I haven't had a hard drive error since I reinstalled linux and windows. Does that mean they were right? There is a physicall thing I did, where I had the HD out a few times, so I could have tightened a loose connector in that process, but it didn't seem loose. I don't remember when the problems started to happen, but I can't immagine an intermittent, grub happy, boot sector virus.

I'm so confused.
Current Mood: confusedconfused
i. m. feyfeylike on October 2nd, 2004 04:25 pm (UTC)
did you format the HD? doing so may have forced some bad blocks to be remapped. also, just writing to bad blocks can cause them to be remapped.
Someone I am is waiting for my courageforgotten_aria on October 2nd, 2004 04:58 pm (UTC)
I ran the "sony, blow everything away and put windows on or we won't touch it" "recovery" disks. They likely reformatted.