Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

You're a loony toon in a big white room and I'm a hologram from the future

There is a rumor of a Quantum Leap Made for TV movie, with possible series to follow, if the movie is received well. The rumors state that Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula would continue in their rolls and Bellasario writing. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I watched Quantum Leap relgiously when it came out (I even have a hand link I made and a glow in the dark hat) but I can't really stand to watch it now, and well, the last episode went in a very bad direction, but they might just ignore that. I'm betting they won't get the series, but the movie is likely worth my time to watch.

Oh, and while I'm saying stupid things, I made yet another icon I'll likely never use:

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