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Someone I am is waiting for my courage

More World of Warcraft babbling

So the open beta is closing tomorrow. I think that I've learned what I wanted to know. My private production character is definately going to be a night elf, druid, skinner/leatherworker. For my group character I can't decide. I think that I want to play an engineer, just for the sheer silliness of it and it makes sense to be a hunter if I am (since then I can make myself shot and guns.) Plus the hunter is appealing, since you get a pet. Kitty!! I'd like it to be a night elf hunter, since drawves are short and stumpy, but it's impracticle. What I would essentially have to do is at level 5 (when you can first start to be an engineer) travel to the dwarfland and pretend to be a dwarf at that point, a very tall dwarf. The treck is do able in a few hours (I did it tonight as a level 2 night elf hunter) but it might make more sense if I just decided to play a dwarf hunter.

All these plans might change once opinions and plans flood in from the group I'm hoping to join. But, excepting that:

Poll #386760 Which hunter?

Which should I play?

A night elf hunter, with cyan hair, named Gihr, who makes the trip to dwarfland at level 5.
A black haired dwarf hunter named susuwatari. (yes, this is pushing the rpg naming rules.)

EDIT: it would be a male character for either.

EDIT: cause I'm bored, pictures!

EDIT: ARG!!! Night elves can't use guns!

EDIT: Actually, yes they can. Yay!!

EDIT: 4 edits behind cut.

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