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I went and saw cameras, I know which one I'm getting now. Now to just wait for the right month! Gift for me from me to me!

I was silly and suncoast had a Riddick action figure on sale for $5, so I bought it to add to my mangerie. First action figure I've bought in a long long time, which is good, because it's a cruft-hobby.

Greg's mother mentioned that our phone was busy all yesterday, so when I got home from shopping I went and chacked all the phones, but they were all secrurly hung up and I coudlnt' get a dial-tone. So I started thinking, what other things might be plugged into the phone line. I'm pretty proud of myself, because I quickly thought of the replay (our PVR) and unhooked it form the phone system, then plugged it back in. Dial tone! Yay! I thought I would mention it in case it was some bug that in the replay that hit more one household.

EDIT: I love the instant immersian language disks for giving you a quick, very basic, handle on a lanuges. I bought their 102 package today, and while I was a little disappointed that they had limited the vocabulary even further from their individual languages, it's still a really fun way to get the feeling for the lanuages, so even if you can't speak it, you might be able to identify which language a person is speaking. I just played aorund with Scots galic, which given my grandmother's love of her heratige, I was slightly embarassed to have no mental picture of what type of language it is. I'm also looking forward to doign the same for korean and croatian and egyptian arabic and modern arabic and hawaiian and navajo and hindi and zulu and I'm sure many other things.

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