Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

fruit and veggies

se we decided to give Boston Organics a try. The first delivery was today. It's a nice box of fruit and the pear, lettuce and grape tomatoes I've munched on have been very good. Certainly better than Star/Shaws/"and ants" but not better enough to warrent the money. For our $25 we got one HUGE head of lettuce, a bunch of broccoli, 1.5lbs of bananas, two sweet potatoes, 4 apples (greg ate one), 2 pears (I ate one), 2 oranges. a box of grape tomatoes (which are almost gone, yum!) and a green pepper.

So why haven't I rushed of to the web site and cancelled. Well, because today I've eaten more fresh fruit and vegtables than I've eaten in a long time, simply because someone picked them out for me and delviered them to my door and I am often willing to spend a little more where my diet and health are concerned.

But I think that it's still too extravegant, so I will wait a little and likely cancel and hope to pester myself to buy something in Star the next time we go shopping that's green.
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