Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Pier pressure!

Ok, the 10 things you problably haven't done meme has gotten to me. So I made my list:

1. Placed a post-it with the word "Zip" on it inside the great pyrimide at giza without knowing that "Zip" is slang in Egypt for penis.

2. Played flute at my own wedding.

3. Looked for Cessna (small prop plane) parts in a field at age 8.

4. Stage managed, crewed and played in the band for a show at the same time. (Lots of sneaking and running.)

5. Dressed up as a three musketeer so I could go visit a mental instution for a class.

6. As a child, burried live bees in the sand.

7. Mercy killed a mouse my cat had injured with car starter. (It's ether, it's fairly humain)

8. Come in last (or at least last of the people who bothered to show up at all) at the Junior Olyplics for Fencing.

9. Been called a "drunk post-modernists testing for repressed memories or something" in a letter to the editor.

10. People have been talking to my horribly speghetti, buggy perl script for years now. Many of whom have never met me.

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