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So I was going to treat myself in March to a new digital camera, since I found out that digital cameras do have faster CCDs and I would love have less blurring. This was going to bottom out my luxuries budget for the month of march and sadly my printer will need a new set of inks. So then I got to thinking. Printers have been loss leaders for a very long time, and maybe for the price of the inks I could get a nicer printer than I have now (mine is fairly old), so I started to reseach printers and right now Canon has a rebate offer that if you buy a printer and a camera, $70. I happen to love both my Canon camera and my Canon printer. So take the price of the inks ($65) plus the rebate and I can have a faster, higher resolution printer that does automatic double sided printing. Huzzah! I might just have to do that. *wiggle* March will be the month of new toys! Yay!

Oh, and on that note, does anyone know anything about the print quality of the Canon iP4000 as compared to the Canon 8200? I don't know how foolish I am to give up the 6 tank system for a dual black system.

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