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I got a hold of dark chocolate M&Ms. First, I LOVE the colors they come in. My camera decided to auto-white blanace, so I got a crappy picture of them, but I tried to get it close to true to life:

The real life colors are grey, dark blue, violet, burgandy and almost, but not quite black.

Second, I think the flavor is too powerful for plain Ms, but the peanut dark chocolate Ms are pretty yummy.

Wow, my life is boring if this is news.

EDIT: They have names for all the new colors, the most horriable is "Dagobaqua," but it also includes:

Hoth Snow, Padme Pink, Yoda Green, Naboo Blue, Mace Windu Purple, Emperor Red,
C-3PO Gold*, Dagobaqua, Jawa Eye Orange, Dune Sea Beige, Twin Suns Yellow, Maul-roon, Death Star Silver*


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