Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

state of the nicki

I just weight him, 7.5lbs. He's now less than half the kitty he once was. He's not just boney, either, his bones are getting sharp. It's almost as if he's loosing bone too, which is a possiblity.

But really, he's doing well, even for a cat his age not diagnosed with hyperthyriodism. At lease he seems to be doing well. He doesn't visit us as much and spends more time in "his spot" whatever that may be this month. Sometimes it's just the weather, he's more afftionate in cold weather, but I kind of worry that he's starting to loose his joy of life.

We tried feeding him down stairs in an effort to 1) make him be near us more often 2) let him avoid the stairs if he cared. It did neither, which at least shows the pain in his hips for the stairs isn't that bad, which is good.

I just hope I notice when he stops enjoying life. I don't want him to suffer at the end at all. He's been such a good cat to me.

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