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Details on kittens.

So greg and I went out today to look at a pair of kittens.

We though they wouldn't be the ones. We though that most shelters have a 24 waiting peiriod policy. Greg suggested I take the carriers just in case. I was trying not to get my hopes up, since it seemed likely that we weren't going to get kittens until May. I even said that we shouldn't be switching to male and female names to not get my hopes up. But we got there, and they were gorgeous, and there were two other families in line behind up, so we jumped at the chance (I really wanted a silver tabby) and they didn't have a 24 waiting period and since it was out in framingham we took them home tnight, despite the house not being cleaned for them. I REALLY hadn't expected tonight, even if things had gone perfectly.

They are 9 weeks. The silver tabby is a girl and is medium to short haired, the other is male and big huge puff ball of hair. They haven't been altered yet, but we plan to do that as soon as it's safe. We don't have names yet, but our current top runners are Izzy (Isabell) and Nate (Nathaniel.)

Right now I'm exhasted chasing after them. Tomorrow is going to be worse as I got out and buy them some stuff they need (collars, scratching posts, toys, etc.) and then try to get the house cleaner for them.

As they get to be more at home, I'll find the energy to get more pictures of up them. I'm sure there will be tonnes to come.

Oh, and as for them being both grey. We were looking for a medium haired pair, preferably female, who clearly did NOT look like nicki. I refused to have orange and we didn't really much like black. We wanted semetry if possible and I was shying away from brown tabbies and greg didn't like calico and tortis. So the grey was just an accident (I do like grey as a color.)

I think that's all the details.
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