Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Holy kitten!

Nate started today by randomly jumping at a spot on the wall and landing squarely in the trash and promptly jumping out. He's the gutsy but clumbsy one, so we were surprised when he went from

The first time, I went over to help him. Had to tell him not to get down using the wobbly shelf, so he jumped otthe entertainment center, which really, I don't want him up their either. I got him down and put him back and thought, ok, that's it. He did something nuts, found out it got him in a pickle and now he's done. Nope, he does it again, but this time the door is at the angle you see in the second picture, so its further. Then he grabs the toy and jumps *back* to the cat tree, there by obey all rules. After that much effort, I let him have the toy.

And of course, as with all kittens and 2 year olds, the toy lies forgotten on the floor a mere 3 minutes after.

He's tried again for the new toy, but he's alll tuckered out now, so the excitement is over.

It's really hard to scold a cat when you are laughing your head off.

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