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This weeks lessons in home mantanence

1) Do not try to seal your driveway with 1 year old driveway sealer
2) my driveway takes more than one bucket of driveway sealer
3) don't forget your hair thingy
4) read the weather report before so you don't fear the dark sky
5) get someone else to finish sealing the drive way after your monster driveway sealing blister bursts
6) you will get driveway sealer on you
7) don't forget to buy the paint mixing attachment
8) if you do forget, don't throw out the convient stir stick you had last time.
9) buy the nicer driveway squeegie
10) do not seal on the hottest day possible
11) the wind will delight in throwing leaves into your sealing job.
12) unlock the back door if you are going to paint sealer on your access to the front door.
13) My porch was built by morons.

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