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It's a fun game... and I haven't even played it yet!

So I was very silly and ordered the WoW board game, mostly because I've heard it was fun enough from people in my lj and on line reviews and I wanted a birth-month gift for myself. It was costly, for a board game, which is why I dithered. When it arrived, the first thing that strikes you is the box is HUGE! It doesn't even fit in our games closet (Which is a little sad, but we'll deal.) It comes witha gazillion little bits (at least there is a reason it's costly.) So when I first got it I sorted all the monsters into their own seperate bag. That was fun! The rules are 40 pages. So I spent my evenings before bed reading the rules. Many evenings. Luckily all the rules, except the battle system, seem completely natural to me, so unlike most game rules it didn't numb my brain into confusion af ther the first page. Part of the verbosity of the rules is also redunant verbal examples and useful side panels where they explain the rules again, which I approve of in general, but they went a little over board on it. Then I punched out all the carboard widgits the next evening, which was also fun! So finally finished the rules, but before inviting people over, I decided that greg and I should try a two player version to get a good working understanding of the rules. We just spent over an hour setting up, mostly because of figuring out space lagistics (especially for the 6-character version of the game) and figuring out new and better ways of sorting hte widgets. I even went and got one of those boxes fo screws and such form the basement so we could get the cardboard widgets sorted well enough so the game could be played instead of playing "sort the widgets" which is what we spent the hour doing (that and rereading the rules.) We've now taken a break, since the set up itself tired us out. But you know what, I've already had a whole bunch of fun with this. I don't know why, but all the futzing, exploring, reading, etc. has just been like playing with a new toy, even though I've not actually gotten to play the new toy.

But happy is happy!

And I'm really glad we're doing this before people come over.
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