Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Adventures in shrinky dinks

This is a pretty meaningless story. Only read it if you're bored.

So I had this idea (a keychain of WoW heads but that's not important.) So I looked, and yes, there is avaiable inkjet shink film. Ooo! I get to do what I wanted to do. But look! it's a $1 a sheet and the shipping is as much as the product. Grumble! Ebay to the rescue. So I order Grafix shink sheets, since they were the brand of inkjet sheets. But sadly, I didn't read carefully enough. Today I discovered they're normal, not inkjet. So they suggested on the box I sand them for some mediums. So I did. It kind of prints a little blurry, but ok. But then when I bake them, they get all pale! Wah! so now I have 60-8 sheets of non-inkjet shink film and a whole paile of frustration. I want the right stuff, but I have so little hope of finding it in a brick and mortar store and I relaly don't want to pay the shipping.


So for now, I think I need to be happy with a ring of pale, blurry heads... that's if they seal properly.

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