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Matrerialistic babbling: Cello

Silliness: So mostly, this is lj, I haven't had a poll in a while, and lj is kind of for babbling, so I'm going to post this, even though it's silly and hypothetical.

Background: I want an electric cello. Don't ask me why. There is often very little logic to my obsessions. It is unlikely I can afford a cello, but even if I can scrape together the money, I know I can't find the space for a full cello (or I just would get the real McCoy), so I've been looking at the Yamaha electrics.

The 200 and the 50. The 50 is black, and in my opinion prettier, it's made of alder and not spruce and I've been told the geared tuning pegs are slightly different. The 200 has 4 fine tuners (which aren't that expensive) but it's big feature is the leg rests fold in, rather than get unscrewed and removed like on the 50. The 50 is cheaper. There aren't many reviews on the net, but the one I found for the 200 sounded about like "don't expect an electric to sound or play like an acoustic" which I guess, can be said about guitars too.

Answer the poll as if we exist in the alternate world where I still have a tech job.

Poll #783173 'lectric cello

Which cello?

Get the 50 because it's black and cheaper.
Get the 200 because of the folding legs and maybe there are some features that explain it's higher price.
Don't get either, silly.
Other (leave comment).
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