Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

contact lenses

I think I mgiht have asked this before, but I can't remember the answer.

I have cat-eye contact lenses that at this point are many (at least 5) years old. They've only been worn maybe 6 times ever. From what I can read on the web, you want to replace your contact lenses after a year, but that's assuming you are wearing them for the entire time. It seems that most problems stem from depositis and bacteria, and not the plastic itself aging. I've even been changing the fluid once every 4-5 months, just to double make sure.

But here's the thing, I don't want to mess with my eyes. I would like to wear them again, for maybe 5 hours. I don't know how much of a risk this would be, but with my current amount of information, I would tend to say no.

Anyone have any enlightenment? Is it time to throw them out?

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