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29 November 2006 @ 09:28 pm
Today's long journey to buying a CD.  
So a lj meme reminded me that flash was broken on my machine, which made me finally get off my rear and update the machine, which didn't go at all smoothly, and I fought and struggled with the install thinking it wasn't installed when I tried to remove it and was installed when I tried to install a new version. I finally got it all working and went to test some sound problems I'd had with the old distribution. Happily many of them got fixed, so I decided to see if my video sound syning problem was fixed, so I thought the perfect test was that video with the lights and the house and the cool music, so I tested it with that (sadly the sync problem is not fixed) so then I decided to find out what that piece of music was, and low, wikipedia told me, so I went to amazon, and hey! $8. So, I bought it.

Ironically, the meme is still broken for me, even though the update did fix some of my flash problems.